Hey, Buddy! Why We Love Dogs at Work

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Hey, Buddy! Why We Love Dogs at Work

There’s something so purely joyful and grounding about hanging out with a good dog. Actually, I’m one of those people who loves all animals (even the ones that scare me), and habitat and wildlife protection are near and dear to my heart. I’ve thought about what makes dogs special to me and the best answer I’ve landed on is that they adore us right back. What other species would be willing to wiggle and dance to welcome me home, or look me in the eye and wag their tail to ask for a walk together outside?

There is a lot of tail wagging taking place at Amy’s. Our office welcomes dogs and it changes the whole work environment in amazing ways. Having a few heads to pet when you walk into a meeting, or a sleeping puppy in the corner while you strategize makes the day a bit lighter and more fun. It certainly has for me.

Buddy is an aloof, handsome, black and white working-breed mix who appears not to need much. The fact is that he has very special needs during storm season, due to a pretty extreme panic response to rain and wind.

Amy's office dog

Leaving my dog home in a stressful situation used to worry me, but now that I don’t have to, I’m so grateful. Buddy is perfectly calm stretched out into the hallway by my desk, soaking up affection and cheerful words from everyone who passes by. He happily performs the tricks he knows for treats and seems none the wiser about the storm outside.

My own relief from worrying about my dog aside, what caught me by surprise was how happy I am to visit all the other dogs in our office. When the weather is nice, Buddy usually stays home to enjoy the company of our other dog and the sunny backyard. However, myself and a few others keep dog treats on hand in hopes to get more visitors (including a cookie jar shaped like a cat). During a stressful or tired moment, I don’t think there’s anything better than having a dog nearby to pet or offer a scratch behind their ears, and then in a matter of minutes I feel like myself again.

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