3 Cheese Penne Marinara - Light & Lean

3 Cheese Penne Marinara - Light & Lean

We love pasta, especially when we can feel so good about it. This penne dish brings together all the comfort food classics: house-made marinara, made from organic tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and a trio of creamy mozzarella, earthy fontina and savory Parmesan. Only 270 calories. Soy free/tree nut free/kosher

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Oh so fresh

To make sure our tomatoes are as fresh as possible, we wait until they reach their peak of sweetness on the vine. Then we harvest as quickly as possible. After the tomatoes are picked, they are canned within six hours so that we can capture them in all of their sweet, flavorful glory. Many food companies store their tomatoes in large barrels to save time. But we refuse to compromise the flavor of our juicy tomatoes. So we spend the time it takes to use small cans, preserving the fresh flavor of each tomato that comes off the vine.